About Us

As Environmental Policies are implemented more and more strictly, companies’ carbon and waste gas emission cost are getting higher and higher. To invest qualified Waste Treatment System becomes each company’s necessary which want to grow continually in future. Fan is the only energy consumption equipment in the Waste-Treatment System, and its function will affect the system’s efficiency and daily running cost. So, looking for proper fan is becoming the key point to let your company stand out in the market.

Standard fan can’t fit your system individuality, and it’ll lead your system to low efficiency and high energy consumption. RBL Custom Fit Fan can meet your system’s needs well with below characters:

 1: Insure your system and fan to run with best efficiency: more than 85% to 90%;

2: System running cost is more than 30% lower than marketing average’s;

3: Vibration level is more strictly than G6.3;

4: Zero leakage and lower noise design to insure friendly working environment;

 With the world-class fan technology and quality, and at the same time, the benefits of affordable prices are more and more favored by market. Fans have been widely used in central heating, coal powder, fuel oil, gas, organic exhaust gas treatment, and spray coating, pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, boilers and burners and other fields.

 Ningbo RBL Fan Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coast of the East China Sea - Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. The company is adjacent to Beilun Port and Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge, with convenient traffic. RBL is a supplier of fan design, manufacturing and fan system solutions for high-end users. We have a professional team to design and produce all kinds of centrifugal fans. Products include: blower, induced draft fan, booster fan, circulating fan, combustion fan, flue gas fan, dust drying fan and so on.

 RBL has specially designed each fan to ensure that the best fan solutions are available to customers. “Customized, Energy Saving, Service anytime” is our commitment to our customers.

 "Energy-saving and Blue Sky" is the common goal of all RBL people!